What are recycled vessels?

What are recycled vessels?

Recycled vessels, AKA candle jars, candle container, or maybe something fun... Like a seashell

There's so much glass everywhere, why buy it brand new? All of our jars that hold our candles are either glass or ceramic and most of them are found thrifting! We want to be conscious during every part of our candle making process. By thrifting, we are supporting our local non-profits, giving back to our community, and at the same time lessening our carbon footprint. 

Los Elementos Love Intention Candle

We encourage donations of jars and vessels that could be used for our candle-making and we'll offer you a discount in return! And yes, we can also refill an old candle jar you have sitting at home!

Los Elementos Amor Candle

Los Elementos offers a 50% refill on many of our candles after your first purchase. That way, we hope to keep you coming back for more. We can also switch out the vessel for one of a similar size and change up the fragrance if you're looking for something new!

If you have a candle container you're looking to fill contact us.

Email: support@elementscandles.com

Sending you all the best vibes,

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*Read description before purchasing to see if refill discount is available on that specific candle*

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