Elemental Insight

How to use

Crystals for Healing


Known to boost the immune system and calm the body and mind. It's also been an aid to battle migraines and insomnia.


This stone is known to bring us back down to earth, attracting stability and balance. It's a great natural charger, for removing emotional fatigue and any physical/ spiritual tension. Aragonite also encourages the body to heal quickly.


This stone's history is tied to sailors and sea dwellers to protect them from drowning. It clears the mind, calms the soul, and helps fight fears.


This crystal is often used to connect with angels and divine guides. Use it to seek guidance, protection or healing. This stone helps resolve worries and fears.


Often used to manifest financial abundance and opportunties. It's known to bring optimism and improve mental clarity.

Clear Quartz

This stone is used to enhance mental clarity and improve focus. It's a popular crystal used in meditation and restorative work.


This stone is perfect to cleanse the aura and remove toxic energy. It's also known to be antiviral.


This stone connects you to feminine energy. It's known to sooth hormonal imbalance and help with fertility issues. It's a comforting stone in times of change and encourages harmony and balance.

Rose Quartz

The universal love crystal. It's used to balance emotional health and release any emotional blockages. It's also a stone used for fertility and pregnancy.

Lemurian Seed Quartz

Lemurian seed quartz is a stone believed to be used by an ancient civilization similar to Atlantis. If you look deep into the crystal, you'll notice horizontal lines which are believed to hold memories. It's a stone known to connect with the divine feminine, attract love, and dissolve feelings of isolation and overthinking.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, also known as blue lapis, is a stone known to bring wisdom and truth. According to history, it's been a symbol of royalty, honor and connecting to a higher power. This stone is believed to boost the immune system, relieve depression, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.


Obsidian is a protection stone. It dispels negative energies and feelings, even those that may be rooted from your ancestors.