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Sicilian Beach

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This candle's intention is to bring you to the beaches of Sicily, Italy. 

It's topped with hand-picked sicilian sea glass and lapis lazuli. 

Lapis Lazuli is a stone known to bring wisdom and truth. According to history, it's been a symbol of royalty, honor and connecting to a higher power. This stone is believed to boost the immune system, relieve depression, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

This intention candle is made from a recycled vessel! 

What does it smell like?┬á­čî╣

This candle will make you feel like you are on the beach in southern Italy with notes of sea salt, green leaves, amber with a touch of musk. 

Return the vessel for 50% off your next purchase!

This candle is approximately 20 oz. 

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The current production is 2.25 inches high and 3 inches in diameter.

Proper Use

Trim wick to 1/4", never leave burning candle unattended and keep away from children and pets. Never burn a candle near anything flammable. To turn off use a wick dipper.

Getting the most out of your Intention Candle means focusing on the intention and reminding yourself of that intention each time you light your candle.